Friday, January 29, 2010

Fulfilling the promise

I have been meaning to get the recipes posted that I have been speaking of and finally I have one of several . .

The first I'll share is the chocolate caramel tarts that I posted those scrumptious photos of the other day. I have now made this recipe TWICE!

<- I ate that half last night -- mmmmmmmm. The recipe was found on a blog. I'll post my rendition of the recipe soon.

The recipe called for maca  and I will say that I did not use the maca either time I made it - to me maca has such a VERY strong flavor and I decided to omit it.

I also made my first raw 'cheeze' spread last night. It came out rather well.

Errrr, the SECOND batch came out very well.
The first batch I tried to make completely in my mini-chop/processor and it just couldn't handle the cashews. . . the entire thing ended up being watery and VERY grainy.

I gave it a second go by first putting the cashews (unsoaked) into my coffee grinder. This created a cashew flour with I then put in the mini-processor and added the lemon juice, nutritional yeast, water, onion salt, garlic.
I was much more pleased with this second batch but I did not dive in as I had just consumed that half a tart you see in my fat little hand up there!

I also have a feeling that the flavors will continue to develop so I am waiting to snack on this tonight. I am not completely sure what I will put the spread on...but I'll think of something!


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