Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where am I?

I guess the honeymoon phase is over.....the original 'high' of raw has subsided. You know - that initial period when you've experienced such a vast change in how you feel that you are just on cloud 9?

I think I'm entering a place where that has worn off and I'm now getting into the nitty-gritty of figuring out how to make this work day to day.


I'm excited that I feel as if I am finally gaining a workable knowledge of 'un-cooking'.

By following some of the recipes in the books that I checked out of the library recently, I am developing an idea of how to combine ingredients to get the results I want.

I am making less 'throw-away' meals and more good food which is nice because many of these ingredients aren't cheap.

It upsets me to dump out a bowl of raw organic ingredients that cost damn near an arm and a leg -- however, if I make something that is edible, in the long run I don't think my overall grocery bill is that much different because the food is more substantial. It sticks with me. . . and its 'nutritionally dense'. A little goes a long way.

Challenges that remain:

I still need to figure out portion and longevity.

I'm basically un-cooking for one.

Moi. Myself.

It can be hard to make a small enough amount and most of my kitchen tools would like a certain amount placed in them to run efficiently - especially if I want the blades to connect with the ingredients!

There is also a bit of planning involved. While the dishes themselves don't take that long to make, there is some prep work that often needs to be done. Soaking is one of those prep things. Oat groats need to be soaked, as well as nuts. I also like to soak my gojis and then there is sprouting! I haven't yet gotten really efficient in soaking and then planning meals several days in advance. If I soak on Monday I'll use it to make something on Tuesday or Wednesday - that might last me two then I need to soak again on Wednesday at the latest....

My head is spinning.

Its just different from my usual habit of walking in the door from work, opening fridge and freezer, noting what is available and throwing together a fabulous meal in under 45 minutes.

I SO LOVE TO COOK. (and I still cook for my family)

But now I am starting to love uncooking - I'm not all that good at it yet - but I am finding my creative voice in it which is REALLY nice for me.

I did make a meal this week that I really enjoyed.

I combined raw walnuts, medjool dates, mushrooms, onion, sweet red pepper, garlic, nama shoyu, and I think some flour that I ground myself (either flax or almond).

The ingredients were left coarse - pulsed in the little mini-processor - not pureed.

It ended up making a mixture that resembled ground beef -- and it tasted really good.

The mixture was placed on lettuce leaves to which I added some shredded carrot and jicama. The jicama had been marinated for a few minutes in nama shoyu and chili oil. (dont' they look like french fires??)

I did sprinkle a tiny bit of feta cheese on them as well. Rolled them up and dug in!

I need to try one of the recipes I have for raw cheeze. Then I can take off the feta and the dish will really be raw!

So, yes, I am finally starting to get excited about making my food again. Cooking was (is) something I get so much enjoyment from and I was sort of missing - even moreso I suppose when the kitchen was torn out and being renovated.

Where are you in your journey?


Stormy said...

"Where are you in your journey?"

it's almost 2am, so i'll come back and answer this tomorrow night. :)


Janice said...

Oh gosh girl!! SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Its important! :) Talk to you later.