Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I have NOT fallen

off the face of the earth that is.

I may have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. But I'm still alive and breathing! and eating more raw, though still not nearing 100% as I was before.

this is a quick post with some photos of recent food I've made. I'll come back and share recipes/methods later.

First is this peach pie.

SO incredibly tasty with fresh summer ripe peaches. Add some goji berries, a little cinnamon, stevia, some nuts - and top with a yummy crumb topping made with dates and nuts.

But wait - that's not really the top!

The fun thing is turning it out and the top becomes a crust.

And here it is ready for slicing.



In a previous post I mentioned purchasing a dehydrator.

To be honest, I have not had a ton of success with it. A few things I made ended up being tossed.


but this one - these wraps.


I got the basic recipe for the wrappers from Matthew Kenney's Everyday Raw.

I altered it a fair amount and the wrappers still came out fine!

I can NOT remember what I filled these with.

I think it was a mix of 'minced' or 'riced' jicama in a tangy dressing. and some lettuce...trying to look at the photo and see what else was tucked in there.

Not completely sure. I just know it was pretty good!

ok, found another picture that might help...

looks like shredded carrot and some onion. Chopped lettuce or kale or something.

It was good, right now that is the only thing of which I'm certain!

I hope to have time to post in depth about these recipes soon!