Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A new day

Not a raw one - but each new day is full of new opportunities and possibilities. And I'm getting closer!  I'm eating fairly high raw right now (for the past few days) and I am hydrating myself well . 

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd - I feel pretty good! 

Not as good as I know I will when I go even higher raw.....but I'm happy for this small step. I'm thankful.

Unfortunately my dehydrator is packed and I'm out of raw almonds. So some of what I would normally do to get back on track, won't be done. But we're really coming into 'fresh fruit and veggy season'  and I'm super excited to be eating cleaner and closer to the ground. :)

I did make a GREAT treat recently. I had two huge gallon freezer bags full of nanners in the freezer so I took a few chunks out, put them in the food processor (the mini one) added a scoop of raw cocoa, some agave, a touch of water (the mini chop just wasn't up to the job otherwise) and a few minutes later I had a FABULOUS raw treat. So unbelievably tasty and not horribly bad for me. :)

I'm back on green smoothies every day. YAY! I was really missing them, and so was my Dad, so we're back in the groove now with that. 

I can't wait to get past this current period (packing and moving) so I can set up my kitchen again and enjoy further exploration with the dehydrator and even the food processor. I've never owned a full size one, but in using the small one more and more, I'm now dedicated to saving up for a full size processor. YAY!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hey Stranger!

In this case, I'm the stranger. (in more ways than one)

I have been tres busy and haven't posted. Not here, not there, not anywhere.....

I miss blogging here. But more than that, I miss feeling good.

Lately I have NOT been feeling good. And I know - I KNOW - that the majority of the reason is dietary.

I blame it partly on the food itself, and partly on the preparation. I'm eating junk and I'm not eating raw. (part raw, but not nearly enough)

And I don't want to be a downer.....that is NOT what I want this blog to be, but I do want to be honest here. I need to be honest here. Because I need support. I'm not a whiner by nature......I am thankful that I am born a 'glass is half full' person. But sometimes I need to whine.

So I'm going to unload and then I'm going to move on.

I have struggled with my eating for MONTHS. . . and actually, to say I've struggled is an overstatement. The truth is, I just sort of gave up, caved......couldnt bother to care sort of.

But the thing is - I feel like shit. Can I just say that? Just once can I say it that plainly? My head hurts - always. Feels like its going to pop. I have a headache almost constantly - not a migraine type headache - more like I feel this knot in the front of my forehead - I know my eyesight has gotten worse and so I think my head could be partly that - but I know that it is also what I'm eating, or what I'm not eating.

I have a blistery rash on my elbow and my finger. I used to have this all the time - for several years - plus back then it was on my foot and both ankles. Then I went raw, and it went entirely away. COMPLETELY and entirely. I don't know if that is related to glucose or purely a certain food (gluten maybe?) I don't know.

What I do know, again, is that I feel crappy. AND, I know its doing me damage that will come back to haunt me later. I'm only 43 (?) but I already have notice (suffer) effects of harm I did in my youth. I don't want to keep repeating the same mistakes.

So, its time for change. Again. Change is a constant, and I'm ok with that - what frustrates me is making the same change over and over. Its some kind of weird crazy nightmarish feedback loop I'm stuck in.

I'm eating great during the day - but really crappy at night. I've just tossed in the towel as far as dinner. And don't even talk about beyond that. I've always been a nighttime snacker, but when I went all raw - it was all under control, it was golden.

And I felt great.

So this is all to say - can anyone relate? Can I get some encouragement here?

Its like Paul saying : I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. (NIV)

I wish I could say that I know I'll do what I want to do tomorrow - which is to eat right - but I'm not confident. :(  Maybe the truth is that what I really want is to eat junk but not feel like junk. Maybe that is the truth. So maybe I need to work on my brain - start believing that what I really want is to eat right to feel right. Cuz Lord knows I want to feel better. This feeling like puke warmed over has got to stop. I'm tired of it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

You would think

that I would have had a lunch rich in bananas today.

Well, you would think that after you learned that I picked up 3 bags of bananas from the grocery store this weekend

couldn't pass them up at a mere 33cents a pound.

How odd that THAT is a good sale, right?

However, I also bought 3 pineapples this weekend and since I don't like to freeze them...

I instead froze the nanners........

these were chopped and bagged and went in the freezer for later use in smoothies and frozen treats

and pineapple played a starring role in my lunch

Pineapple, romaine, spinach, a dash of salt and a tiny spoonsful of raw tahini.

Tossed in the morning and eaten for lunch.

I have already chopped a kiwi, an apple, and some more pineapple for tomorrow. Might chop some raw nuts to throw on top.

Today's tip - look for veggies and fruit that are just sort of edging past the 'best' date - you can often get them at a reduced price and if they aren't incredibly wilted, bruised, or broken apart - they are still quite nutritious and tasty!