Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Real Raw, Real Life

I'm still not yet 100% back to eating where I was.

I almost wrote that I'm still 'struggling' to get back...but that isn't exactly true.
The naked truth is that I am not struggling.

I'm not really trying. Not really.
I am in limbo-land.

I am eating what I want during the day (raw) and then at night I'm eating what I don't want.....well, noooo, not exactly true.

The naked truth is that I'm eating what I want during the day and eating what I want at night - its just that the night time food isn't raw.
But its what I wannnnnnnnnnnnnt. (in my best whiney voice)

So I've been giving in to that inner child that says "but I wannnnnnnnnnnnnnt it".

And I've enjoyed it.

But I haven't felt near as 'vibrant' as I did two months ago.

While I haven't given a ton of thought to it, I've given it some thought and what I think is that I'm in a period of apathy. One of those 'blah' phases. And I'm attributing it stress, which we have our fair share of right now. As I write this though I am also wondering about 'post holiday let down'. I'm not convinced that this is a cause, but it could contribute. Maybe its post holiday, post renovation, post court, post-insert-something-else here........

Whatever it is, when it comes right down to it. Its a choice.

How I eat is a choice. What I eat is a choice.

Its true for all of us, if we're over the age of minority.........or even a little younger perhaps.

And its not even that its an important choice we make....its one of the MOST important choices/decisions that we make each day. What we put in our body. Think about it.

It fuels and hydrates us makes us, in large part, what we are in a manner of speaking. It affects every organ of our body. It affects our emotions and our energy level. It affects our body's ability to function....on every level.

I am convinced that what we eat affects our long term health. Whether we are positioning ourselves to enjoy good health down the road...............or not.

So with all of that in mind.

why oh why am I not feeding my body, mind, life better?

Good question.

OK, don't want to be a total killjoy. I will share that I DID receive one of my coveted kitchen gadgets for Christmas. I got the Pineapple corer/slicer (which is a great gift - for someone else or for you - its under $15.00 !). YAY!
Here it is resting after doing all the hard work for me! (ok, so cutting a pineapple open isn't really hard work - but boy does this make it even easier!)

So how does it work? You cut the top of your pineapple, then place the corer in the center of your pineapple and twist, like a corkscrew.

Its really easy to use and is a breeze to clean - I just rinse mine under hot water.

After you run it through the pineapple , you pull up, then remove the top by pressing on the circles. Turn it over and your pineapple slides right off! My family says it looks like a slinky.

I do recommend doing it in a large bowl rather than on a cutting board, that way you won't waste ANY juice!
You can use the shell to hold a nice fruit salad - that would look really cute!

Or if you compost I guess you can put it in there.

I am not sure I recall all the composting information, I need to read up on it - I think we're going to start so we'll be ready for our garden come spring!

And for fun - do you know what this is??

Looks like spaghetti noodles doesn't it?

Its zuccini! RAW!

I ran a half a zuccini through my other new toy - my Spiralizer. Or Spiral Slicer as they are sometimes called. Its a cool gadget that makes LONG spaghetti like noodles out of veggies.

I am thrilled with mine. It works well and is SO easy to clean!

More later!

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Stormy said...

The pineapple slicer is very cool!

I haven't stopped long enough to *wonder* how everyone slices their zucc's ~ now i know! :P
Will have to look into those sometime.