Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crisp, clear, and . . . tangy?

Its a beautiful day, the sun has been shining, its cold - but clear...crisp...fresh. (Much like RAW food!)

Cub scouts was last night and then we had a basketball game today (which we lost by one or two points..RATS! But it was SO exciting!)

Then it was a quick trip to the grocery store for me and then LG had a friend over. While they were hanging out I decided to try my hand at a recipe I saw the other day on the Raw Freedom Community Forum.

Its for a lemon poppy seed cake. Here is mine.

Pretty huh?

The base is almonds which I ground in a coffee grinder into a flour.....and flax seeds which I also ground...and then there's shredded jicama and apple and the juice of a lemon, poppy seeds...and a few other things. The frosting is coconut oil, agave, lemon juice.

It turned out according to the recipe I think....although I'm not sure exactly what I think about it.

It has a good flavor....and a so-so consisteny.....(not overly wet but not as 'cake-like' as it probably could be. next time I'd up the almond flour).

I also wasn't sure what to think about the frosting. I placed the entire cake into the fridge afer it was done and the icing ended up being hard....and 'weird'....I can't realy explain it but I wasn't crazy about the texture of it.

The cake was overall rather tangy -- my Mother tried the cake and liked the entire thing, so its quite possible it was just me.

I will post the entire recipe and some of the other recipes tomorrow - I PROMISE!!



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Stormy said...

Hi Janice,
The cake looks yummy!
Although, coconut oil for frosting? --
Sounds a little over-kill, no?

We just bought a jar of the virgin unrefined coconut oil tonight ~ Jamie used some to massage my back earlier ~ i'm wearing some on my lips & face ATM, and in my hair, lol.

We'll be trying it tomorrow night in a low heat dish.

Oh ~ have you heard of a woman called Mimi Kirk? She's on Facebook ~ Look her up when you get the chance, if you haven't found her yet.
She sent me a FR on FB and then bought 3 pc's from me... she's 71 and gorgeous! A true inspiration. I was looking thru her photos and saw she was a sit-in model for Mary Tyler Moore WAY back ~ when you find the pic, U won't be able to tell it's not Mary. She also has a cool photo from what she called "some old TV show" she was in and looks like CAT WOMAN or something! Very hot, lol.

She also has a book she's working on, soon to be published; and some videos on youtube you can look up.

Love yr new blog!

Talk Later!