Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What kind of lover are you?

Have you ever thought about it? 

Asked yourself – ‘what kind of lover am I?”?

How you would define yourself?  How do others define you? 

As I have begun exploring my habits and emotions and lifestyle, I’ve been thinking about this. And then, when over the course of a two day period, I repeatedly heard the terms ’veggie lover’ and ‘meat lover’ – it really got me thinking. (yes, hello Pizza commercials……………..)

I eat a lot of veggies, I do.

But I’m NOT a veggie lover.

Not really.

 I enjoy my veggies (now), don’t get me wrong. But it’s been an acquired thing. I didn’t hardly touch a veggie until, I dunno, maybe 10 years ago. And then it was just a few kinds and sporadic at best. 

so it's kind of funny, in an 'odd-funny' sort of way to think about how some other people might view me. . . . especially if they don't KNOW me or my history. Popping into this blog for the first time, one might think I'm a natural raging veggie lover! 

But I'm not. 

At my core – I’m a dairy lover.

Cheese of just about any kind – cream, cheddar, bleu, muenster, swiss, asiago, yellow, white…new, aged. YUM. (but you can keep the goat cheese! Never was a fan of that).

Ice cream.....eggnog....mmm. I doubt I will ever lose my love or taste for those things. (but who knows, I suppose stranger things have happened).

I’m also a bit of a meat lover. Truly. Again, just about any kind and cooked in many different ways.

Sometimes I REALLY crave cheese and/or meat.
The things is, just because I love cheese and meat, doesn’t mean they love me back. Or that they are good for me.

I've made a choice. And it’s not always easy. 

But I’m worth it.

I made a choice to fuel my body in a way that support is - so it can better function – it can work better, heal itself better, and I can feel better. 

Along the way I have begun to REALLY enjoy veggies – of many different kinds. And yes, cooked (and raw) in many different ways. I enjoy feeling better and KNOWING that I am helping my body instead of hurting it (and make no mistake, we do hurt our bodies with what we ingest sometimes).

I don’t make perfect choices, I’m not a perfect person.  

But I want to be better.  To do better. 

To live better (and longer) and feel  better along the way. And I love that veggies help me in that quest. :)

Maybe I’m a "better" lover. :-)  A growth lover – a health lover. 

What kind of lover are you?

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Lenette Sparacino said...

This post is so good! I can very much relate to this. I have had to acquire tastes for healthier things. And like you, I want to take better care of my body.