Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spinach Flatbread & TWO ingredient spread

Yes, I really am on a flatbread kick. I sort of warned about that here.

I'm also on a spinach kick. But I think I'm always on a spinach kick. ;-)

I decided to combine the two.

Spinach, veggie, and feta flatbread
 It was a meeting made in heaven.


Doesn't that look positively YUMMY!?

spinach and veggie flatbread (straight out of the over, before pine nuts and other goodness)

On the flatbead is a tiny schmear of cream cheese, then onion (sliced so thin you could see through it) and spinach and pattypan squash sliced OHHHHH so thin.

Crumbled feta. Fresh cracked black pepper and into a 450 degree overn just long enough to wilt the top veggies and crisp up the edges of the flatbread.

Once out of the oven I hit it with a touch of salt, raw pine nuts, and hemp seed.

The spead?

Strained yogurt - see how thick it is now?? Mixed with chili garlic sauce.

The flatbread was crunchy on the edges and so completely creamy and sweet in the middle. Something delightful happens to that squash when it wilts, it gets creamy with a touch of sweetness and contrasts with the onion and the slightly bolder spinach. 

Sadly, that was the last of my 6 flatbreads.

It was a great ride. 

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