Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweet and Sour

Isn't that lime lovely?

Looks so incredibly REFRESHING -

doesn't it?

I decided we needed a break from the choco-caramel desserts we've been enjoying.

So yesterday I decided to experiment.

Remember I said I was excited because I was finally 'getting it'?

How to combine the ingredients better?

I got brave, I decided to venture out on my own. That can be scary, but in this case it was JUST what I needed!

I made a little 'Key Lime Tart' - all on my own!!

The key lime part is a mixture of:

  • soaked cashews
  • water
  • fresh lime juice
  • lime zest
  • agave
  • chia seeds

I added the chia seeds for thickness. I didn't want to use coconut oil.

I find that a LOT of raw recipes use coconut oil, but it just seems like a lot of added fat so I thought maybe I could use chia to help thicken this as chia has GREAT gelling properties.


The crust is simply walnuts, sunflower seeds, medjool dates, and a pinch of salt. I wanted something a little plain so as not to overwhelm the lime.

They are garnished with fresh cut lime slices in different shapes/poses.

The flavor of the lime 'mousse' is good but could have been a little 'limeier' so next time I will omit the water and JUST use lime juice.

I also decided to pop these in the freezer prior to eating. I wondered if that would make it more like a frozen keylime pie (one of my FAVORITES!)

Again, it worked!

The frozen version had a VERY creamy lovely luscious texture.

The only downside is that freezing it detracted a bit from the lime flavor. That was a bit of a surprise.

I have a fair amount of the lime mousse left over and will enjoy that tonight fresh from the fridge.

For dinner last night I had another batch of the 'ground meat' sort of thing that I showed a few days back.

This time I also made a little relish of jicama, sweet red pepper, onion, chopped cranberries, and broccoli.

I made a simple cranberry vinaigrette and let it marinade for an hour or so, then assembled with lettuce as the bed, my meaty mixture, then topped with the relish.

I enjoyed fresh sliced mango on the side.

I will be happily having leftovers tonight!


ss. said...

I love the substitution idea! great tip, I'm going to try this

Antony Heaven said...

Hi Janice - I'm looking forward to following more of your raw experiments :-)

Janice said...

Thanks guys!!! :)