Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A new day

Not a raw one - but each new day is full of new opportunities and possibilities. And I'm getting closer!  I'm eating fairly high raw right now (for the past few days) and I am hydrating myself well . 

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd - I feel pretty good! 

Not as good as I know I will when I go even higher raw.....but I'm happy for this small step. I'm thankful.

Unfortunately my dehydrator is packed and I'm out of raw almonds. So some of what I would normally do to get back on track, won't be done. But we're really coming into 'fresh fruit and veggy season'  and I'm super excited to be eating cleaner and closer to the ground. :)

I did make a GREAT treat recently. I had two huge gallon freezer bags full of nanners in the freezer so I took a few chunks out, put them in the food processor (the mini one) added a scoop of raw cocoa, some agave, a touch of water (the mini chop just wasn't up to the job otherwise) and a few minutes later I had a FABULOUS raw treat. So unbelievably tasty and not horribly bad for me. :)

I'm back on green smoothies every day. YAY! I was really missing them, and so was my Dad, so we're back in the groove now with that. 

I can't wait to get past this current period (packing and moving) so I can set up my kitchen again and enjoy further exploration with the dehydrator and even the food processor. I've never owned a full size one, but in using the small one more and more, I'm now dedicated to saving up for a full size processor. YAY!

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