Monday, January 3, 2011

You would think

that I would have had a lunch rich in bananas today.

Well, you would think that after you learned that I picked up 3 bags of bananas from the grocery store this weekend

couldn't pass them up at a mere 33cents a pound.

How odd that THAT is a good sale, right?

However, I also bought 3 pineapples this weekend and since I don't like to freeze them...

I instead froze the nanners........

these were chopped and bagged and went in the freezer for later use in smoothies and frozen treats

and pineapple played a starring role in my lunch

Pineapple, romaine, spinach, a dash of salt and a tiny spoonsful of raw tahini.

Tossed in the morning and eaten for lunch.

I have already chopped a kiwi, an apple, and some more pineapple for tomorrow. Might chop some raw nuts to throw on top.

Today's tip - look for veggies and fruit that are just sort of edging past the 'best' date - you can often get them at a reduced price and if they aren't incredibly wilted, bruised, or broken apart - they are still quite nutritious and tasty!


Antony said...

Nice! Do you have a dehydrator? I read on someone's blog recently (can't recall who just now) that they were making banana chews ...

Anonymous said...

My supermarket does not discount - ANYTHING - unless it's in the weekly 'sale'. I really appreciate that some companies still do that. Which state are you in? (If I am not being too impertinent asking;)

Janice said...

Hi Jane - Thanks for visiting and commenting!! I live in MD. Most of our grocery stores will discount some of their 'older' produce. I try to check those items and purchase things that aren't rotten -- just a little wilted or bruised.

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks! I was wondering as I really feel like here (in Miami) there are so few choices - either good but ridiculously pricey @ Publix, or miserable and dirty (Sedanos). Very little in-between, and Publix will "send it back" (that was their dairy manager) something near sell by rather than reduce. I find it rather upsetting (if you can't tell;)