Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It seems I took a much needed break from this blog - from the 'raw world' in general - a 'fast' lets say.

Thank goodness I did so. I ran into some ugliness and needed to take a step back not to mention some family issues causing havoc, not to mention some binge eating.....'not to mention' ......
but then I did mention it all, huh?.....language is funny.

Anyway, when I last blogged I mentioned online communities and possibly starting one - well thank the GOOD Lord THAT insanity passed! I simply do not have time to add another commitment. No way, no how. So I am really thankful that the absurdity of that left my mind and I'm just motoring along connecting with folks via email mostly and through blogs.

The last blogpost before THAT one...or sometime in the not too distant past....I mentioned sources. Where do I get my raw products?

I buy some locally - at ROOTS market and at David's Natural Market.

Online I have ordered from:

All 3 have ease of ordering, quick delivery, and products as stated. YAY! Sirova is the only one of the 3 that is specifically a RAW foods store, so with the others you need to check the descriptions (if raw is what you are going for).

A recent box from Nuts Online contained all of this - hazelnuts, oat groats (whole oats), dates, cashews, macadamia nuts. MMMMMMMMMM. such good stuff!

I use some of these ingredients when I make my breakfast oatmealish dish.

It goes something like this -

Grind oat groats in coffee grinder
(they really don't seem to grind well in my mini-processor)
I grind into a coarse meal.

In minichop processor, process a couple of dates and a variety of nuts

It will look something like this - coarse, crumbly

Next I put the oat meal into a bowl

and add the date and nut mixture

give it a quick stir

then decide what fruit to add - here I have added part of an apple and an overly ripe banana

the inside of the nanner does NOT look as bad as the outside!

the meal mixture goes back into the processor

and the cut up fruit goes in on top

and it gets a good whir to blend. I like to leave some texture in there so I try to not overdo it!

Sometimes I will add some chia or cocao nibs.

The cocao nibs are EXTREMELY hard but when mixed
with the oatmealish dish, they soften up and are so yummy!

Here is what it looks like with some chia and cocoa nibs in there

I had a lovely fresh pineapple on hand so I chunked a bit of that and placed it on the top

I also gave it a tiny drizzle of agave and a little dollop of almond butter

AND a sprinkle of coconut!

MMMMMM, this was SO good!

I have this or some variation of this a few times a week.

Keeps me satisfied and going strong ALL day.

More later - lunch time is over and I need to get back to work!!



Antony Heaven said...

That looks like a delicious breakfast Janice!

Janice said...

Oh Antony - it is heavenly! so tasty! And it makes enough for 2 or 3 good servings. :)

Stormy said...

OH My...

I've been so busy with our move and totally MISSED this post!
Glad i decided to play catch-up the last couple days.
Will be trying this recipe soon --
it sounds sooo good!

Thanks J!

Janice said...

You are most welcome!! AND helllllooooooooooo! Good to 'see' you! I have been following your blog (of course!) just haven't commented - been a little 'off' lately. Trying to get back into the swing of things.

shannonmarie said...

Hi Janice. It's your neighbor Shannon (well sort of neighbor). That is definitely a bowl full of yumminess. Mmmm ...

Metalsgirl said...

oooooh, that looks delicious! And I LOVE almond butter sp that just put me over the top!

Pam said...

Very yummy blog you have and thank you for stopping by..appreciate it!

Sarah said...

Look great!