Thursday, December 9, 2010

Failures and Successes

As noted, I've had many failed recipes and meals but I have also had some great successes!

One thing I have tried before that I wasn't too crazy about was kale chips. They were just 'ehhh-ok' the first time I made them and they weren't very good the second time I made them -- BUT - the third time apparently really IS the charm! I made kale chips a week or so ago and they were FABULOUS. I mean REALLY good. Everyone in the family liked them. Some of us more than others.....true. But still, everyone ate them and said they'd eat more.

One of the differences was the kale. the first two go rounds I used pre-chopped 'packaged' kale. "fresh" but nos o fresh if you knwo what I mean. This last time I used whole kale that looked to have been bagged locally. I cut the stem out and then tore the remaining leaves into fairly large pieces.

The dressing was a combination of:
  • a touch of oil
  • a dash of balsamic
  • a few grinds of salt
  • nutritional yeast
  • garlic
  • cashew flour
I coated the kale with the above mixture and then dehydrated for a couple of hours. That is all it took to have CRUNCHY salty yummy cheesy kale chips!

I want to make more!!! Need to find some kale.

This experience as well as the wrappers that I made are giving me high hopes for my dehydrator. It wasn't a wasted money purchase!!

I've also made some yummy cashew cheese which I thickened in the dehydrator. YUM.

Next I am going to try a raw bread or cake in the D. I have made a 'cake' raw and chilled but I'd like to try one that is a little bit more dry. I have some fresh cranberries at home and I am contemplating soaking them in a water stevia combination or maybe a water/medjool date combination - to soften them and also sweeten them a bit - they are SUPER tart!!

I'll post the results. :)

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