Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Almond butter update

I am so thankful that so many people commented here and via email about my rancid almond butter. I received the kindest email from Jennifer Barney of Barney’s Premium Foods who confirmed what I had kind of figured - that it was the added water.

Jennifer and I exchanged a few emails and I have to say she was really really nice and informative. Her products are not raw however they look to be really great and I am hoping to do a taste test soon!

I could have used oil but I was trying to keep it oil free. But now I know that I REALLY should have used oil! Or nothing and just kept processing. One problem was that the butter was heating up so much in the food processor and I didn't want it to keep heating (raw concern), thats when I reached for the water. I just wanted to get to the creamy stage quickly!

I am not the most patient person in the world. Gardening KILLS me. I have such a hard time waiting for the plants to grow, then bud, and then the baby veggies to begin to take shape. And THEN, waiting for them to grow and ripen ? ARGH!! Pain, I tell you - pain pain pain!!!

Our garden is pitiful again this year. Last year we changed locations and the new plot failed to yield much (might also have something to do with my lack of constant care) but we thought it would be better this year (the plot AND my tending it). Umm, nadda. On both counts. The ground is again rock hard.....and just doesn't seem grow-friendly. I am also not convinced that it gets enough sunlight so this weekend I am going to be tracking that. I also have not tended the garden closely again. It got weedy part way through and we were very busy and I just didn't set aside time (or make myself) weed etc. We also have some severe weather - bad storms, tons of maybe its just a combination of things and next year will be better.

One can hope. 'eh?

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